Polyera is a global technology company creating next-generation electronics platforms.


Imagine a shirt that keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned. Imagine a belt that could help manage your diabetes. Imagine a pair of shoes you could change the color of – at the touch of a button. Most wearables today use incremental improvements on existing technologies. To be truly revolutionary, however, companies need ways of making these electronics even more “invisible” to the consumer, allowing these devices to seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. This will require electronic components that are lightweight, flexible, and robust. Polyera technology allows companies to make products with exactly these characteristics, allowing a level of integration and personalization that wasn’t previously possible.


Imagine a world where mobile displays don’t break, eReaders fit inside your pocket, and mobile phones can transform into a tablet simply by unrolling the screen. Polyera technology enables lightweight, robust displays that that can bend, twist, fold, and roll up - all while being paper thin. This means mobile devices can have bigger displays while weighing less and still fitting in your pocket.


    Internet of things

    Imagine your milk telling you when it’s about to go bad. Imagine packages telling you if they’ve sustained damage from shock or heat. Imagine being able to check out of the grocery store instantly – just by walking out. In addition to enabling new form factors, Polyera technology enables new low-cost electonics manufacturing processes, allowing intelligence to be embedded in places it never could be before. Whether for supply chain, retail, or medical the Internet of Things will change the way we interact with our world, and Polyera technology will enable intelligence in more places.