Made possible by breakthrough Polyera materials, our technology enables truly flexible transistors to be made using advanced manufacturing techniques. This technology enables more than just putting traditional transistors on flexible materials like plastic – it allows us to make transistors that are themselves flexible: a whole different level of technology. Our materials can also be made into functional inks, allowing not only traditional photolithography-based electronics manufacturing, but new low-cost, high-throughput forms of manufacturing such as printing.



In our Chicago facilities, our expertise in chemistry, materials science and transistor physics allows us to create fundamentally new types of materials with novel physical and electrical properties. We then formulate those materials into functional inks, allowing for the fabrication of transistors by either established photolithography methods or novel printing methods.

In our Taipei facilities, our expertise in formulation, process and applications engineering allows us to incorporate our materials into technology platforms, which enable the mass production of flexible electronics components. Within our 5,000 sqft clean room facility, we run pilot manufacturing of truly flexible displays on a line using all standard flat panel display tools, allowing us to effectively transfer our technology platforms to existing large-scale display manufacturing factories. In addition, we run pilot manufacturing of logic and sensor circuitry through novel printing techniques.

From computers to cars, cell phones to spaceships, the transistor has revolutionized our world. The next generation of transistor technology is here, and we’re excited to see where it takes us.