August 2005

Polyera is founded.

TFT Flexing

March 2006

Polyera demonstrates flexible TFT with integrated materials stack.

National Medal of Science

July 2007

Co-Founder Tobin J. Marks awarded the National Medal of Science.

Series A Check

December 2007

Polyera raises series A funding of $4mm, led by private investors.

R and D Building

June 2008

Polyera expands its R&D facilities at the Illinois Science + Technology Park to 14,000 square feet covering a suite of chemistry, material science, and device physics capabilities.

Nature Magazine

January 2009

Polyera publishes on a new class of semiconductor materials in Nature, continuing to push the state of the art in flexible electronics.

Material Stack

October 2009

Polyera demonstrates full TFT material stack suited for the production of flexible displays.

Series B Check

August 2010

Polyera raises $5mm series B financing, led by Solvay.

Taiwan Office

December 2010

Polyera opens its Taiwan offices, focusing on the transfer of turn-key solutions for the production of flexible display backplanes.

100th Patent

December 2010

Polyera files its 100th patent application.

Display Prototype

August 2011

Polyera demonstrates first flexible display prototypes using turnkey fab processes.

Series C Check

April 2012

Polyera raises $24.5mm series C financing, co-led by Chengwei Capital and Tsing Capital.

Pilot Line

June 2012

Polyera opens its Zhubei flexible display pilot line in Taiwan.

Backplane Technology

July 2013

Polyera begins scale up of supply chain for flexible-display mass production.

San Francisco Office

February 2014

Polyera opens its San Francisco office, focused on the development of consumer products incorporating flexible displays.

Flexible OLED

December 2014

Polyera demonstrates flexible OLED panels with high mechanical robustness.


August 2015

Polyera Announces the Wove™ Band, the world’s first product featuring a flexible display, enabled by Polyera Digital Fabric Technology™.